Artist Residency

VELUX launches the Artist Residency, an exciting campaign which explores creativity and self-expression; collaborating with different artists from around the world, throughout the year, to highlight the significance of natural light. Anders Brasch-Willumsen, who is widely known for his creative 3D artwork, often draws upon mother nature as his muse – from the glow of natural light, lush vegetation, to exploring different ecosystems. Anders, who is based in Stockholm, is the creative director of Studio Brasch and recently collaborated with VELUX to create a series of 3D sculptures, to help capture the essence of natural light. Check out the full story on i-D here.

As part of the Artist Residency, VELUX also collaborated with renowned Swedish still life photographer, Gustav Almestål. Gustav reimagined the VELUX roof window and bought this to life in a series of still life photography, in his own distinctive way – the images captured are half literal and half creative, to highlight the key functionalities and durability of VELUX. Watch this space for the next creative collaboration for the Artist Residency in September. Check out the full story on VICE here.